Golden Post Winners: Week 2

And here you have it folks - the winners of Week 2 of The Golden Posts Prize Program

All winners have won the SitePoint book of their choice in either print (stock permitting) or digital bundle.

Content For Your Site
This thread by [URL=“”]JJMcClure is my pick of the Content threads for the week. It may seem like a strange choice, but I want to highlight the fact that a good thread doesn’t have to be complicated. This question is clear, concise and well asked.

Design Your Site
There were lots of candidates in the Design section this week, but I’ve decided to award the prize to Datura for [URL=“”]this piece about her experience while building her first website.

Program Your Site
This post by [URL=“”]crdipu is my overall winner for the week. What I love about it is that he asks a question, gets assistance and then comes back and posts his working solution. Brilliant for anyone that has the same issue in the future.

Host Your Site
Stevie D is the Hosting golden post winner this week with [URL=“”]this response. As well as answering the OP’s question it provides justification for the answer.

Grow and Manage Your Site
I like the way that masm50 clearly sets out his answers in [URL=“”]this post.

Wolf 22 is this week’s Community winner with [URL=“”]this post in General Chat. Some thought has gone into this well articulated response. I like that.

So congratulations everyone. I’ll PM you with details of how to claim your prizes.

And to everyone else - there are still two weeks to go in the competition, so it’s not too late!

As Datura said - thanks guys - a very nice surprise indeed!

Congrats to everyone else as well :slight_smile:

Wow, what a surprise :slight_smile: Thanks. It truly is.

I will have to check out the books, but I think I know already, maybe.

And yes, congratulations to all the other winners.

And a little side note: There are so many wonderful regulars here on SitePoint, I have learned so much from all their generous explanations and tips. Thank you all so very much.

Congrats, everyone! :tup:

:sparty: Well done!

Congrats y’all! :tup:


Congratulations to the winners. The quality of your posts humbles me with my feeble attempts.

To the rest, keep trying! Still 2 more weeks to get a Golden Post in.
There’s enough fine examples now to see how it’s done.

Or be creative. I really enjoy seeing posts that are knowledgeable and also reveal a bit about a member’s personality. It makes SitePoint a Home away from Home while I’m online at home :wink:

Thanks guys.

The book I chose is The Ultimate CSS Reference by Paul and Tommy. I have learned so much from both of them, and now I will expand on that.