Golden Post Winners: Week 3

Once again I’m happy to be giving away books to some worthy people.
Here you have it - the winners of Week 3 of The Golden Posts Prize Program

All winners have won the SitePoint book of their choice in either print (stock permitting) or digital bundle.

Content For Your Site
TheOriginalH takes the Content prize this week for his [URL=“”]interesting post about Diaspora in the Social Networking and Communities forum. Although he started the entire thread, it is post 5 that really caught our eye. Have a read - it is an interesting subject.

Design Your Site
This week in design I’m going to break the rules and award two prizes.
The first goes to K1975 who impressed us this week with a couple of great reviews. [URL=“”]This one in particular is great.

The second award for a design post goes to bulevardi because we think that [URL=“”]this photo is amazing.

Program Your Site
The golden post of programming this week is this one in PHP by [URL=“”]nvidia123, who took the time to write out the logic and was supportive instead of simply showing the correct code.

Host Your Site
The hosting golden post this week is an interesting one. It is going to cscott for his post about [URL=“”]dedicated hosting. This post was chosen partly for the way the question was carefully explained and laid out, but also because of the way the OP manages the thread.

Grow and Manage Your Site
We really like this post by [URL=“”]DCrux in Business and Legal Issues. Have a read - no justification from me required.

A few posts from dnordstrom caught the eye of the Community moderators this week, but it is [URL=“”]this post in the Mac or PC thread that takes the cake (or the book in this case). Opinion stated, explained and example given. Perfect.

So congratulations everyone. I’ll PM you with details of how to claim your prizes.

And to everyone else - there is just one week to go, so get posting!

Brilliant posts (I especially love the PHP forum post ;))

Well deserved :tup:

Congratulations to this weeks winners!

I hope you enjoy reading your free SitePoint books as much as I enjoyed reading your posts.

Thanks a lot !
Didn’t expect that message in my box today :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I’m happy to have provided something noteworthy!

Very appreciated to be mentioned, feels like one is actually contributing something.
Keeping on posting, always hoping to be of help to the community!

Whoot guys, congratulations :tup:

What is the link to the thread by dnordstrom? It goes to his user page instead.


I’m with with ‘Stomme’, like Poes said it goes to the profile in both cases and we are both too lazy to use the search function.

Our pleasure :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thrilled, thanks guys.