It's a Golden Post Extravaganza!

It looks like you’ve all been very busy while I’ve been away on holiday because the forum staff have noticed a whole lot of amazing posts.
As a result, we’ve decided to do a Golden Post Extravaganza and give away free books to several worthy people, to thank them for their efforts.
Here is a list of the winners along with the posts that we think are so great:

@Cups; for this post
@masm50; for this one
@aaarrrggh; for this post here
@benbob; for this post
and finally, @connor4312; for this one

Congratulations to all of you. You’ve earned yourselves an ePack of the SitePoint title of your choice. I’ll be in touch.

Congratulations, guys! It’s always nice to see a well written, thoughtful and in depth post, so thanks for your efforts! :slight_smile:

If you look at the posts that were cited you’ll get a good idea. They answer the question fully, and go out of their way to provide useful, helpful information and feedback. :slight_smile:

Yes, very well deserved everyone! Glad to see a repeater too @connor4312 ;

It’s always a pleasure to read posts like these. Very useful and well thought-out. Congratulations!

Yes each one of the aforementioned ‘golden posts’ are really great! Many lemon drop cookies for all of you (oh and i guess books too :wink: ).

Thanks guys :slight_smile: