.Com vs .Net...Would you have a .Net for business?

I know having your website end in .com is the number one choice when registering a name but would any of you (or do you have now) use a .net for a business?

Is there anything negatives if you use a .net?

I’ve been thinking about the name I want to use for my business. I’ve registered several. The one I wanted as a .com ofcourse was already taken but .net was available. The .net name that I registered is identical to the .com I wanted initially. It sounds so much better than the longer name I have registered as a .com

I guess what I’m asking is how important is it for a business name to end in .com? Will my business be taken as serious if it’s a .net? Or does it really matter much these days?



Yes, my own site is in .in (regional extn.) :wink:

Mostly people type by default .com not .net or any other regional domain and for this reason people remember your domain.

IMO Yes, .net also works for serious business. I beleive after your popularity of good work people will surely remember your site name. Either it is .net or any regional extension it won’t effect on business much. e.g. indianfreelancers.net using .net domain but this is popular. Indianfreelancers.com domain isnt working, may be it is for acquire for sale :wink:

Thank you so much!

Makes sense that folks type .com I know I do for sure. My only consern now is the .com in the same name that I bought in .net was purchased by someone who may end up with a similar site. Naturally people will type .com first and therefore go to their site.

But boy do I want to use that name! LOL! It just sounds better, is shorter and really to the point of what my business is.

I guess it will come down to just getting the name out there, building popularity and therefore people will remember. If the .com is ever developed then I will just hope that by then mine is well established.

One more question.

What about .com names where the name ends in say a z instead of a s. Example instead of www.spuds.com someone uses www.spudz.com

Would that be a bad move? I could use a .com if I changed the s to a z. But not too sure about that.


In most cases when you are doing a name, ending it in z instead of an s can be considered unprofessional. I think this really only applies if you are going to make a professional type website for your business. but if you are just doing a blog or something i don’t see a problem with it. From a professional standpoint i would always go with the S over the Z

Using a z in place of an s is bad. Don’t do it.

Thank you. Makes perfect sense that it wouldn’t appear professional using a z.


What is the domain name if you mind us asking, maybe we can give you some better ideas for your url?

I myself use a .net and are quite happy knowing that I’m using the correct domain for my business type (technical).

Although, if I had the chance, I would snap up the equivilant .com to take advantage of the default find that browsers do (ie. Safari). Where if you type just ‘mysite’ in the address bar; it will attempt to load ‘http://www.mysite.com/’. Which could get a bit more traffic.

But I think unless know your name (ie. ‘Coke’) people are going to use something else to find your site, like a search engine, which means your domain name is not that important.

PS. Have a look at http://www.mywebname.com.au/com.htm for some info on .com.au vs .net.au