.net if .com not available or change name?

I’m planning a new little project, it’ll be a social site and the primary means of traffic will be via search engines to begin with.

without giving away the name just yet, I can say that the brand name and domain name says exactly what it is i.e.


Now, the .com is taken though not used. The .net is available

Should I go for the .net or change the name to something unique so I can get a .com

Because the name is currently exactly what the site does, it matches my # target keyword phrase perfectly.

Therefore I’m inclined to go .net but I’m also aware that jo bloggs still types .com when he thinks of a website and for word of mouth reasons, this could be an issue

Personally, I prefer to get something unique for which there is a .com available, but that said, there’s no problem really with a .net address—especially if the .com version is not being used. Given that the .com is not used, the [greedy rotten] owner is probably waiting for you to make an offer on it, which you could consider if it really means a lot to you.

I’m not sure about search stats, but I suspect that people are more likely to type your site name into a search engine that try to type out your domain name anyway, so it may not make much difference whether it’s a .net or .com these days. Plenty of people seem to choose .net over .com anyway, even when they’re both available.

Where you going online any business/services or what ever it may be; you must have a website if you are looking for business in the special region like : usa or uk, I may suggest take a domain extension like .us or for uk .uk. How ever you are for wold wide market choose .com if not available then .net will be fine, make sure and also better if your main/primary keywords in the domain.