Choice of programing language to replace Silverlight


I have an application developed in Silverlight. I am not convinced that Silverlight is not going to cause problems (if only because many first users won’t choose to install the plugin) and would like to replace the language. The site hosts and organises photos and comments on them and photo tours. So there are graphics in a sense, though not like moving graphics & flashing lights. I understand HTML5 is probably a better option, though what of java and flash?

Exactly role does flash play? Is it more for movies? What about Java? I am trying to work out what programing skills to look for in the new programmer

The site does look very impressive in Silverlight, can I obtain the same “finish” in HTML5, or is it going to look “1995”. Is flash or Java required for a polished finish?

Thank you in advance for any help

Things like Silverlight and Flash are falling out of favor, partly because they are proprietary technologies and are not supported on all devices. A lot can now be done with HTML and JavaScript (which is quite different from Java, which is an unrelated programming language).

It’s probable that your site/application can be redone with a combination of a good content management system (usually done in PHP) and HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

I agree with Ralph. Between them, HTML and JavaScript should be able to handle things like photo tours and commenting without recourse to Silverlight. These are core non-proprietary technologies, and don’t require users to install anything or to configure their browsers in any way (apart from enabling JavaScript, which it’s safe to assume will be done by default).

I would steer clear of both Silverlight and Flash, for the reasons Ralph has mentioned.


I try to avoid them too, as Web developers we should strive to make the product as accessible as possible and both Flash and Silverlight are not always supported, while things like jQuery can do a lot of animations etc. with the script engine being hosted online.

It will take a while before HTML5 is broadly supported, but the new canvas animations in HTML5 will make even more people drop flash and SL (I think anyway).

People still use Flash for streaming video, HTML 5 video does not stream. Adobe is moving their marketing and optimizing Flash for streaming content.

Like all the rest of the posts have said HTML, CSS3 - CSS, and JavaScript can do well what you described you currently do Silverlight. One thing that sucks about Silverlight is that for many people in Europe, Asia and South America using Linux as their primary O.S. they can’t play most Silverlight as the Mono project was canceled; whereas everyone on all continents can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.