Replace Flash with HTML5

Was wondering, if any of you have moved to HTML5 from Flash, and where specifically do you think, we can replace Flash with HTML5. Has anyone downloaded HTML tools from Adobe yet, and what are your impressions on it

A part from video streaming, html 5 is way behind flash

It absolutely depends on what you were using Flash for. And even then, with browsers that don’t support HTML5, you’re going to want a Flash fallback. Developers who are using <video> tags and HTML5 stuff for ordinary sites are setting Flash fallbacks and then regular text/image fallbacks for that of course.

HTML5 is not meant to replace Flash. It just comes with some baggage that can do a few of the same things.

Not quite yet. I still think Flash has a little life left but once HTML5 becomes mainstream over the next year I expect Flash to become obsolete entirely.

HTML5 offers a lot more indeed, even canvas still has a lot of things to offer, video, presentations, or documents site may eventually move to HTML5, but flash and its developers will find ways to stay at the edge, the race will be interesting :slight_smile: