Changes in Google Search Algorithm

I have noticed that google has again made some changes in algorithm. Now it is going to give more importance to the latest updated information as it was to should old updated information previously. After analysis, I have seen changes in some of the keyword rankings as well.

Has anyone noticed the changes ? If yes, what was your experience?

yeah Google changes its algorithms…you can read more about this update on Google official blog at

I haven’t noticed any thing like this but I have heard that Google is now giving value to links in Javascript code. And do you know Google updates its Panda atleast one time in a day

Yes, Google has rolled out freshness algorithm which is supposedly an update of Caffeine update. According to Google’s representative, this algorithm tend to display the fresh results for recurring events. This may impact in a huge way in some niches but many of niches are unaffected with this.

The second news is absolutely right that Google has stopped using meta keyword tags. I guess, Google has declared this a few years back.

Yes Google changed its search algorithm. Now google give preference to latest content but it is depend on its quality and all other factors like backlinks, pagerank. You can get more information from these links.