Google new algorithm update

Can any one tell me, how is working Google’s new algorithm. Google says: it will effect around 35% of search results. What we do?. How to get good rank in Google now?

I don’t think we would know the algorithm as Google never disclosed it? Just follow the rules that already knew and follow strictly.

According to Google October Panda 2011 - Google only emphasis on 500 Words Unique Articles!

What a load of nonsense. Where did google say that?

Follow the guidelines that Google have been giving for the last few years.

The guidelines haven’t changed. All that has happened is that they’ve got better and better at weeding out sites that don’t play by their rules.

Yes Google haven’t explore its algorithm time but we are updated with Google panda and know its made to remove spam result in search engine ranking its not really made to tell particular length of words. We must understand that Google like fresh content and I am sure domain authority really matter in search engine ranking. I would love to share few content for you from SEO moz link I hope you would understand more about domain authority and SEO

I´m not sure wheather you referred to Panda, freshness or other updates …?
None of these updates affect up to 35% of search queries.

Regarding Panda update,
the algorithm change is based on an investigation by google search quality raters. They analyzed the quality of websites and assorted them into 2 categories.

  1. sites they like
  2. sites that they don´t like
    You´ll find helpful informations in this article at search engine land

I advice you have to watch this video from seomoz.

It tells the latest updates of Google. They also explain lots of things here.

Google had update it’s algorithm again.But it was a minor update.No one knows what is the Google algorithm.Just we had a brief idea about the Panda Algorithm where it had given emphasis on unique contents.

well in last few days I have started adding fresh content to blogs at least twice a week and I am seeing great increase in my rank and traffic, so Fresh content is a must for sure.