Google Caffeine - upgraded search tool of Google!

Hey Everybody,

Did you hear that? Google is launching its new upgraded search engine tool from 2010…
So, from then onwards - Google will be more -

1 - Faster
2 - Solely depending on keywords
3 - More priority to relevancy

So, for all the SEOs…lets be prepared for this!!!

Now we need to go for best content with most relevant keywords…


Where did you read that it is solely depending on keywords? I did a search and didn’t find that information anywhere.

its had a huge impact on my search terms such as Spanish property, property in spain and spain property.

The guy who has got his site so far ahead of the rest has done a brilliant job and it not all about links as they have 15000 and number two has 70,000 unfortunately we only have 2700

Kyero were number one for 3 years before.

It looks too major to be a google dance.

Id love other peoples input into this

I don’t know yet what exactly the changes are going to be but this upcoming change is really exciting for me as an SEO… if there will be changes that we have to do in terms of our techniques in getting our websites rank, then it will be a great challenge. I do hope that as webmasters/siteowners, we should all consider what Google is doing as well, that is, to improve service…


I like your spirit Jabo!! You like to take challenges…and that what I learnt from you!!
As an SEO we will have challenging tasks now to get our sites ranked well…

And by my point - Solely depending on keywords - means that the search will be dependent on keywords more than now what it is…

If you will search for “Hotels in London” - then the search results will show all this 3 words in the title of the search results…

To learn more go to -


Just to say it was the google dance of all google dances, never seen that before, its settled back down now to the old order.

Hope this new tool will make small changes in PR :slight_smile:

I did read that article as it was the first thing that came up in my search for it, but I didn’t see anywhere that said the tool was “solely depending upon keywords”. From the complete article, I gathered that this new tool isn’t really that much better than the old for relevant search results.

Google is stressing to find out the most relevant searches and will focus on the semantic search algorithm

Whateve that means?

haha, i think they could be doing alot better! Expanding into loads of irrelevant product markets, using their search engine domination power as a crutch.

Anyways, yes, i read that keyword relevancy will play a larger role but its not that big of a change. Kind of like comparing the power of on-page seo to off-page seo.

basically, a site like should not have two domains outranking a more relevant, specific domain just because of the high authority of their main domain and the fact that the domain has one keyword listed in their latest posts block or whatever

the main improvement deals with the amount of time it takes to deliver results in the serps. It is faster - thus the name caffeine

I think it’s too early to say that Google Caffeine is “solely on keywords”. We may have to test for a few more weeks to know which are the more important factors.