What is the latest google algo update?

My website was in a good position on SERP. But keywords ranking has been changed suddenly. Some keywords remain in the same position but some drop their ranking. I did not understand what happened. Kindly tell me about this.
Is any Google’s Algo update?
So some other reason for the sudden change?

Positions in SERPs are never fixed. They can go up and down. It’s life.

Has the algorithm changed? Almost certainly daily.
What changes were made? Noone knows. It’s almost certainly a machine learning algorithm that defies concrete definition, even by those that operate it, and those people are paid not to tell you even if they could.
Do keywords maintain their performance over time? Absolutely not.
Why? See any of the thousand factors, including public interest.

After the last update, Mobile First Index , Google revealed a new significant change in its algorithm, focused on the performance of websites: Google Speed ​​Update. Its objective? Provide a better search experience to users through mobile devices .

launch date-March 8,2017
Hazards: Thin, affiliate-heavy or ad-centered content

How it works: The latest of Google’s confirmed updates, Fred targets websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. The majority of affected sites are blogs with low-quality posts that appear to be created mostly for the purpose of generating ad revenue.

How to adjust: Review Google Search Quality Guidelines and watch out for thin content. If you show ads, make sure the pages they are found on are high-quality and offer relevant, ample information. This is basically it: Don’t try to trick Google into thinking your page is about something when it really is a gateway page full of affiliate links. Most publishers make money off ads, and that’s totally legit as long as you are not cheating.

Yes there was some update released on 1st March due to which there is drop in the rankings. Please check the URL - https://detailed.com/google-algorithm-update/

Don’t know that I really trust an article that’s last actual listed update is from January and says “We’re looking into it and will update when we have information”. Sounds like the article writers got lazy with their format.

There are updates to the algorithm daily. Even that article states as such. The article also fails to cite any actual change, just that “there’s been a change”.

Yaa, It’s not getting fixed yet, every day there is a change in SERP results?

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