Cart for Single Product - Many Options

I’m lost in the world of online shopping carts and feel my product offering falls into a slightly different realm of most carts. We don’t have different products and categories, we have one product that is customized.

I work for a company who creates DVDs of children’s competitions (Dance, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Cheer).

We would like a parent to be able to buy a DVD of each event… so each “Event” becomes its own product (A single DVD). However, within each “Event DVD” we need numerous customization options that fit the order forms we have on-site that parents are buying. So for each ‘video’ from the event that they add to the DVD, the price increases by a certain amount. If they were buying all ‘Group Dances’ from their studio, that’s a flat-rate, if they were buying a single dance, that would be a certain price. I just need to be able to customize ‘types of dances’ in the cart and create discounts for certain ‘packages’ is probably the easiest way to put it.

In a perfect world, we would like to upload CSV tables of each “Event” that we do, so the customer can select dances only from that CSV per event, and Add it to their DVD. The CSV table would have a ‘Dance Type’ column with a letter code to relate with the online order form.

So, is there any shopping cart software that could handle something like this? Or do I need something custom?

Thanks bluedreamer, much appreciated.

After more searching, it looks like ‘configurator’ was the keyword missing in my searches. If anyone has suggestions for any shopping carts with configurators, hopefully with a nice AJAX interface, I’m all ears!

Welcome to Sitepoint!

Pretty much any decent off the shelf shopping cart system should do what you want.

Things like price modification when adding multiple items is normally standard functionality, though each cart may have slightly different methods of implementing it. For instance you may be able to apply 10% discount if you order 2-3 items, 20% for 4-5 items etc etc.

For packaging several items together some shopping carts allow you to group any number of separate items to sell as one item, or you could simply add them as a separate “product”.