Can your shopping cart do this?


We’re looking to develop a site selling “standard” products as well as custom printed products. I’m looking for a shopping cart that can do the following things either as standard or with extra modules. Don’t really want to get into custom programming.

  1. The ability to calculate the final price of a product based on the options selected ie width, height, backing material, quantity, lamination etc. B[/B]

  2. Preferably to be able to calculate this and update the total on the fly so the customer can see the price update as they select the options. B[/B]

  3. To be able to take this final spec and price and produce a quotation that the customer can choose to have emailed to them and that could be saved to the system and/or emailed to us. B[/B]

  4. To allow customers to enter custom sizes when selecting a product (ie 1273mm x 549mm). Obviously this won’t be possible with drop down menus so text input fields I assume are the only way to do this. B[/B]

  5. A mechanism for customers to upload their own artwork to the system when/after making a purchase. (Almost Essential)

  6. Could be free or paid, preferably open source with support available. B[/B]

  7. We would prefer to own the software rather than use a hosted solution. B[/B]

  8. PHP based. B[/B]

I know this can be done because I’ve seen many sites that do similar - Too many for them all to be custom made. Any help with this would be really appreciated as we’re drawing a bit of a blank at the moment.


Have you checked out CMSs like Magento?

Thanks for the response. Yes I have considered Magento but have been a bit put off by the stories of slow load times, difficulty in customisation and lack of documentation and (cost effective) support. I’m not even sure how I would find out if what we want to do is possible with Magento without just giving it a go and potentially wasting quite a lot of time?

Also considered Joomla with a bolt on cart but again not sure if it will do what we want. Hence posting here.

Yes, unfortunately the documentation and explanation of what’s possible is generally hopeless. And I’m afraid I’m not experienced with these products, so hopefully someone with more experience will chip in.

Both Magneto Community / Joomla are free open-source products. Support of this products is community based only. Official support is not available.

It depends on what you want a CMS to do. Magento is a CMS specifically for ecommerce. WordPress is a CMS specifically for Blogging. There are other CMSs mainly used for Forums, Wikis etc.

Other CMSs are more suited for typical websites that have lots of general information etc—that is, they are not mainly a blog, online store etc. Such CMSs include ExpressionEngine, Drupal, MODx, Joomla, Mambo and many others.

It is very convenient when CMS is built-in shopping cart. You can publish your articles directly from shopping cart administrator zone.

It is better to have one solid solution (shopping cart with CMS features), rather than two separate products.

Right now I am looking for good e-commerce software too. In my country many people use eproSHOP paid solution but Polish users write on the forums - really intuitive and without problems. And trust me, polish people are really demanding:) I’m just trying to compare this offer ( with the offers from abroad. Somebody knows the other software? After all my problems I don’t want to ever hear about OScommerce, Magento, Templates etc. I would rather pay that spend whole days looking for help at the forums.
Help, help, help!!!