Unique pricing structure

Does anyone know of shopping cart software (preferably free) where I can set up unique pricing structure for different quantities? If you look at the pricing for on this site Commercial Flyer Printing | UPrinting that would be exactly what I need. There is no particular pattern or formula to my prices. I just need something where I can have different prices show up for different product specs.

Since you aren’t charging by quantity formula you are basically just using “attributes” and could set things up as if higher quantities were colors / sizes… but under the description of quantity. Most carts support these attributes with custom prices per option.

Yep, Ted is absolutely right. You can use product options/variants and set up different prices. I believe nowadays all shopping carts have this option.

The problem with doing it that way, is that I have 20 different quantities/prices on each of my products (wholesale) and the site wouldn’t look and act as functionally if I reposted each product 20 different times with 20 different prices.

Actually, that would be one product with 20 variants, the product description will stay the same, just you will be able to set up different prices (and SKUs if required) for different quantities (variants). Try demo versions of ecommerce packages, you will find the feature there.