Options on product page (color, sleeve length...)


I don’t have much experience with e-commerce and I’ve been asked if I could do the following:

The client has only 1 product, which has some properties that are customisable:

PRODUCT: Tshirts
OPTION 1: Finish: v-neck, round neck, turtleneck, other…
OPTION 2: Long/ short sleeves
OPTION 3: Colors: 10 or more

All products have basically the same make, so the idea was to make a single page where you could choose between the different options, and that would change the photo displayed, description and price.

Can anybody know of a solution that can do that? All carts and e-commerce I find are usually based on product lists, which would not work that well with us, since all products would basically be the same!

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

It sounds like you need a custom page to lead into a standard cart, or potentially a completely custom setup. Most shopping carts will handle the attributes you want, some will allow for photos to change and even update prices for certain sizes, but if you want a single page interface you would either need to build something or modify an existing cart to drop the navigation and just use one product page tailored to look however you want.

If you see things expanding from 1 to more products using a cart and modifying the display makes sense. If it’s just a 1 product business build your page and link it in to a cart for checkout.