Is VOIP really free?

I recently discovered

I was wondering, if it says the call is free, is it really free? That means, no hidden charges to my ISP (redirected to me) or to the receiver of my call (besides the usual charges incurred if they use the phone when called by a regular land line that is NOT the same company as they are)?

What do you think that skype uses? That’s why voice calls with skype are free except phone calls to mobile and land lines. mobile and land lines depend of regular lines.

You can use Gizmo + GrandCentral to get free VOIP even to landlines and mobile phones.

Google it and find out, although I suspect that it will not be case because of the huge amount of phone providers around the world. That has to have a cost, and not all the countries have the same level of technology.

Outside the US?

It depends on which service provider you use and the destination of your calls…

I am using a similar service and for all the international landline calls it is free. However they do charge for mobile phone calls (low rates though). I have to “load” my account every 120 days, which enables me for another 120 days of free-of-charge landline calls. The minimum top-up is 10 Euro, so that’s not much.

This is something that I have been looking into getting… if someone has done all of the research and want to share it with me then please send me a pm… lol. I can do the research, but if someeon has done the work - it would save me time

Oh - and I am from Australia if that matters :slight_smile:

Most messaging services has it, including MSN and Yahoo, but Skype has good programs for me, like worldwide calls for 8 Euros per month, including mobile phones in major countries.

VoIP is not a free service, in few cases and its more like voice chat, Like Skype call or yahoo voice chat if both the users are using same client they can manage voice chat. VoIP is not free for Mobile and Land-line numbers, I have discovered “Vopium” the VoIP service, they are offering 30 mins and 30 sms free trial with sign-up so you can test the service for free…:shifty:

Actually VoIP itself IS free, it’s the connection from VoIP to traditional phone lines which is the determining cost factor. Skype to Skype for example is free, but Skype to a mobile phone is not (because it has to go through paid phone exchanges), keep the information factual please. :slight_smile:

VoIP is free and not free.

Free for PC to PC calls like MSN to another MSN user, Yahoo to another Yahoo or Skype to Skype.

Not free when calling regular phone (landline or mobile) calls. Using a VoIP provider like Onesuite for calling a regular phone is not free but cheap especially when calling international compared with your local phone provider.

Sorry guys but I am closing the thread. There is no point on having a debate when we all say the same thing… me thinks! :smiley: