Know of a Cheap Phone System?

For my home office, the phone number comes into my phone and forwards calls to my project manager, who is at another location.

I need a phone system that will do that same thing if someone presses 1, and then if they press 2, the call continues to me or voicemail.

If my pm gets a call and needs to bring me on the call, there needs to be a way to patch me in by calling the main number.

Can you recommend a phone system that will do this without costing me $500 a month?

Thanks in advance.

What about voip ?

A few dozen to get you started

Not sure of your exact needs though.

Some of the broadband phone services have this feature. I seen one that is under $20 a month and has free long distance for north america. They also have business broadband phone service.

Nice, thanks! PBX…that’s the term I haven’t heard of. I knew it would be something like that.

Try the services offered by RingCentral. There office phone system might suit you needs. They offer a very cost effective pricing plan.

Yeah ring central is pretty nice, but there are a lot of services out there that can help at great price. Just google it and you’ll find something that fits your needs. It all depends on what you consider to be cheap though, you should be able to find something for less than $500 per month pretty easy.

I use RingCentral and absolutely love it. I think I’m the 3rd person in this thread to recommend it so that should be telling you something.

Good luck.

Skype cna use PBX now which I find it great because I already used skype for my international calls :smiley:

Really? I should check that out. I’m using RingCentral but would love to keep everything on Skype.

Does anyone know if Google Voice plans on offering PBX?

See this:

I have VIVA Smart Phone.