Can we track conversions if user goes from our site to their site and do conversion?

I need to track the data if some one is going from my website to their website and do conversion??

For e.g my website is , I need to be able to create a google analytics code, to put on an external site (which is my client site) so that we can track people going from our domain to theirs and see if any conversion takes place.

Yes, you can track anything, for this you have active your “Google Analytic Account”, and set the events there for the Url that is serving as a gateway for your selling page, and include the event code that is generated after setting events and with the help of this, you an track the number of visitors went to the final page from the page in which code is set, and then check the timing of the user from your page to the final page and the time of any order which is placed.

You can follow the following link for your query.May be it will help you :