Google Analytics Question


Does anyone know how to track and install google analytics across several domains ?

I have a site which is the main one and several other “mini” sites (for seo purposes) that enable users to submit a form to the main one.

So my objective is to track how to visitors convert from the mini site to the main one.

Any help is highly appreciated,

Mr. Alexander

This is the question I have:

I read their documentation and understand the modifications needed. However, do I install the same code for both and then do the modifications ? or do I install two separate analytics codes and then apply the modifications ?

Mr. Alexander

Firstly if you want to track the visitors form the mini sites into the main one including the conversion they get you … there is not requirement of putting the same code on all sites. You can see conversion from source information via the referral reports in the main site GA profile.

however if you still insist then you should put the SAME code modified code on all the minisites… to clarify this would mean that all the codes on all sites will have the same _gat._getTracker(“UA-xxxxxx-x”) value.

Hope this helps!

Hello twin,

thank you for your reply. perhaps you a new analytics user and what I meant was not very clear.

To track conversation from the mini site to the main one is perhaps easy, like you said, using the referring statistics.

The final result that I would like to have is to track which KEYWORD did they use to convert to the main site.

There is, in fact, an article that google put up:

From what it looks to me, we were able to set it up correctly and now it measures the desired statistic.

Once again, thank you for your reply and welcome to the site point forums.

Mr. Alexander