Google analytics how to track conversions? having trouble


i hope this is an ok place to ask this. I want to track click from adverts through to a signup page and then track the event of clicking the submit button (can’t use success page due to the way the site is coded).

I can’t for the life of me find a simple to follow guide how to do this in simple terms. maybe i am not using the correct terms when searching for answers.

does any one know a good tutorial or give me a bit of help setting this up.

any help appreciated.


You can use the following code in your submit button to get tracked in Analytics…
onclick="_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ’ Contact’, ‘C2action’, ‘submit’]);

thanks for the reply.

Am i correct though in thinking this just tracks any click on the submit button? if this is the case how would i make it so that it tracks where the person came from. I really need to know that they came from a link in my enewsletter or facebook ad etc and then completed the form.

sorry if i am missing something.