Tracking Clicks/Conversions for a Service?

I’m providing services to a group of ppl and I wanted to advertise with facebook/google but I would need an effective way to track the advertising campaigns… I’m providing design services and I would need to be contacted by form/email for now and later phone… how would track this so I know what to change to boost the conversion & from what I’d be getting?

If you put “conversion tracking” into Google you’ll find that many such services do exist.

They’ll tell you how many ad clicks resulted in filling out your contact form – they’ll generate a unique URL that you use with each ad you place, and you also add a snippet of code to whatever page is shown after the form is filled out, and the rest is handled automatically.

Google Analytics can do this, if you use the “campaign tracking” feature, though it’s a bit complex.

If you know basic PHP (or some other server-side language) you can cook something up yourself as well. Stick some code on the page people clicking the ads land on that sets a cookie with the referrer and any other information you want to capture (like a campaign name?), then on the page that processes your contact form, read the cookie so you can include that information in the mail it sends you.

When you get to tracking phone calls back to an ad source, that’s more complicated. But there are ways to do it.

thanks! and w3roi looks pretty good so will be upgradin to that eventually!