Can subdirectories hurt rankings?

I have tons of sub directories in my domain that I use to setup my clients in-development projects. Can this hurt my rankings? Would it be better if instead of having etc to have etc?

It shouldn’t make any difference. As long as the structure, navigation and link patterns make it clear where one site/subsite ends and another one starts, Google won’t be confused by it. Having different subdomains should make it easier for search engines to understand that they are stand-alone sites rather than sections of a single site.

ok great thanks. Yeah, these sites do not link to each other.

Subdomains offer unique and very great opportunities to domains admins who are looking for affordable, or even free ways, to expand their presence o0n the net without being concerned about setting up new sites from beginning and registering additional domains.

Even if your website is consisted of tens of subdomains, each of them can act as a totally new and separate internet entity, provided that you build them in a unique way, add original contents to them and do not forget about link building as well.

Sub-domains will not at all hurt rankings, There is a chance AND would show up in results while there is a limit on two pages per domain in search engine results.

sub domains are considered a separate website, i don’t think it will hurt ranking of your keywords, it will ad some authenticity to your domain.


In my own experiences, “” would have negative impact than “” for SEO purpose. Using the top-level domain like would be a better choice.

thanks, what I meant was this: I want search rankings for I have tons of folders on that don’t have anything to do with my company, or are just client files. Will all of my sub folders at hurt ranking for ?