Is Sub-domain helpful for Website?

How can it helpful for any website ?

Is it more effective to use instead of using ?

It affect the SEO of website or not?


don’t think search engines care as long as they can find it.

Personally i don’t like sub domains that much as I’ve got used to the sitename being first and then the folder being next. Which makes more sense than putting the folder name before the site name. But there are cases where they are needed.

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I’m not sure where I read it, but I understand Google treats a subdomain as a separate website.

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this article seems to explain it quite well


Helpful to understand the concept of subdomain


Yes subdomains are helpful for SEO purposes. The earlier the keyword appears in you url the better ranking you get in search results. Of course, it is not the only factor that influences ranking but given everything else being equal, your site will rank better than one that does not have the keyword in its url or has it towards the end.

What authority do you have for this statement @rajsingh1? It doesn’t sound very likely.

I have been running a number of google ads campaigns for some time now and I have seen the difference myself. I picked up this bit of information while looking for ways to improve my ad position. Here is the link to video i picked it up from youtube.

I have removed the link. What was meant by “authority” is Google, Bing, Yandex etc. documentation. It is very easy to find SEO information based on incorrect conclusions. I am not saying the information is incorrect, only that it is not authoritative.

For example, Google’s Matt Cutts says not to obsess about having keywords in the URL and that subdomains / subdirectories are roughly equivalent.

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To me, the only benefit of a subdomain is if you have a really large fork in your content base. For example, maybe your website is “all-things-science .org” and you want to have a special section for educators, so you create “teachers.all-things-science .org”.

I went through a phase and created many sub-domains and discovered that Google and Bing Web Monitoring Tools were mainly designed for a single domain with paths… so removed all except the www sub-domain.

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Obviously, Sub Domain is the perfect for doing SEO. I think that you can create sub domain for your website. It will help you to juice pass.

I think subdomains are better. If you are going to make your own company. Dont waste the whole domain and subdomains for 1 thing. Let me explain. Let’s think that you are making a hosting website. Add a subdomain. make it forum. Like:

@HaydiKod: can you explain why you believe that is a better approach than using a directory?


The SitePoint forums used to use, but changed to some time ago.

Hello @TechnoBear,

I am saying that you can use subdomains too if you dont use it im saying just dont waste the domain like there are sites that creates subdomains and get the main domain as referance its a waste of domains i think. Because you can only use directorys.

I think theres no difference between them i am just saying dont waste the domain. You can use whatever you want. It doesnt change anything everyone can reach it with the same way.

In my view if you have a lot of content then you can prefer Sub-Domain. If you can only post 20-30 posts then creating sub folders/categories is best option.