Subfolder or Subdirectory?

Which one is better in term of SEO subfolder or subdirectory?

Surely, a sub-folder is a sub-directory?

If not, perhaps you could explain what you mean by those terms.


Got to be honest I thought the two were the same as well.

[FONT=Verdana]For a guess, I would say that #1 meant a sub-folder or a sub-domain.

In terms of overall usability, a sub-folder is generally a lot better than a sub-domain. I’ve not seen any evidence that it impacts on SEO.[/FONT]

Subfolder and subdirectory is just the same.

But if you mean, subdomain instead of subdirectory, then it is better to go with subfolder. Search engines treat subdomain as an entirely different site and not a part of the main domain.

Very important question which is generally asked by clients many times when they said that we are planning to launch our business in multiple locations or some times when they want to increase the service portfolio and want to add new session into the Webster. Lets differentiate that which better and we can find out these with the definition. Sub domain is basically treated as completely separate website by Google and other search engines, if you already have 10k back links for main domain then its can’t give you benefits for the sub domain, while s sub directory is basically a folder inside the main domain and if you have links for main domain the its can benefits a bit to the sub directory also that is the reason that people prefer sub directory then a sub domain.