Can someone block me from seeing their website?

If someone wanted to, would they block me from seeing their website? If so, my guess was they would have to get my IP number. How would they do that? If I was blocked from seeing a website (which I am probably not), would I get a message like this: Forbidden
You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Is there a way I can block my IP number to see the website shows up?


Yes, they can. They get your IP every time you visit their website. And they can do anything - show a message, redirect you to a special page, or whatever.

You can use a proxy server or a proxy site to hide your real IP. Try

If you’re nice to me I’ll unblock you.

(just kidding. it’s not me. it’s the server.)

Blocking an IP address blocks everyone using that IP address - not a specific person. It has happened where a site that blocked one IP address stopped an entire country from seeing their site. All an individual need do to get around a block is to change the IP address they are using.

what php_daemon said, use a proxy. There are a lot of free proxies available on the web :wink:

If you still can’t access the site via a proxy then they could have also stuck a cookie on your set on the last visit. Delete any cookies from them and try again.