I can only access my site with proxies

I have my a host and domain for a few days now. Yesterday I was working on my site when I suddenly could not access it anymore. Now I still cannot reach it. But I can see my site using proxy browsing sites.
I had the same when I was at work, suddenly I couldn’t access my host anymore and the next day nothing had changed. It seems like it blocks access when I have logged in to my host a couple of times.

Why can I only access my site using proxies? Is this a known problem and is there a way to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

Call your ISP and make sure if IPs of your web hosting provider is not blocked


If it is doing the same thing from multiple locations then it would suggest you are being blocked by some automated security software by carrying out a combination of actions that look like an attempted attack on the server - I’d put my money on it being something like OSSec blocking you as by default it can be quite aggressive. Your best course of action is to talk to your hosting company.


Check with your host to check their firewall rules if your IP address is not being blocked. You can go to www.myipaddress.com to know your IP address to provide to them.

Did you check to see that you did not accidentally IP block your own address? What about contacting your host to ask them about the issue? Surely they should have a solution. Also you did not violate any TOS of your host’s right? They could have blocked you for that reason?

Karl I believe if web site is loaded ok around the world - problem is with ISP only. Firewall, IP block or something else.
In muy opinion web host will b
ot be able to help him in this situation.

But if you read his post again, he said the same thing happens from work as well - they login a couple of times then get blocked. That is a sign of an IDS kicking in - we see it now and then on some of our shared hosting systems where the client is using an application in an odd way and they end up creating multiple connections in a small time period and get blocked.

Also, it’s rare that an ISP will block an outgoing connection to a host, it’s far more common for a host to block an incoming connection from an ISP :slight_smile:

I think your best bet would be to contact your host regarding this and they won’t have any problem explaining it to you what really caused your hassles. And what can be done to prevent it.