A Funny Experiment in PHP

Today I did a funny experiment with my friend that, I retrieved her web-page through curl and showed her that, her page is on my web-page.

But suddenly she shocked me by showing 1 thing due to which, I am not able to retrieve her page.
Now what i see on my page is “IP - zzz.zz.zzz.zzz is blocked.”

When I asked her, she told me that by this way we can block any IP of website, which is accessing our site data.

Then I took it as challenge and told her to beat her statement, but not able to figure out what I need to do to win this competition.

Someone please help.
I also tried file_get_contents, but it is also generating the same message that IP is blocked.

You can’t.

Just admit to her that you’ve learned that you can’t, say you’re sorry for the poor joke, and ask her to unblock you.

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