How do I block visitors who use proxy servers


I have some dating sites and created htaccess file to block most of the IPS.

However, they use proxy servers to come to my site. So, I have one question about that.

How do I block visitors who use proxy servers to come to my sites?


I think you can find a list of proxy server IP addresses and just prohibit those blocks… but other than that, I don’t think there is any other suitable solution. IP addresses can change too, so keep in mind if you block one IP address one day, a month later you could be blocking a legitimate or potential customer.

There is no way to stop this entirely.


Getting to the REAL IP address is either difficult of impossible (depending upon whether the proxy server has been properly configured as a truly anonymous proxy server. However, if you’ll trust the various HTTP_FORWARDED-type headers, you can use a script at How to track visitors Ip Address? | tutorialdesk to get the REAL IP address of the visitor (after changing &&'s to &&'s and removing the superfluous >/s. However, as these can be spoofed (or not incorporated by the tryly anonymous proxy servers), this is anything but fool proof (i.e., do NOT use this if any type of security is required).