Can I use netlify with their free subdomain to host a blog?

Would a free blog hosted netlify with a domain name like constantly be operational (forever) and would it be crawled by search engines

And would possible users care that the blog is in a subdomain?

Explanation if you need it:

Over the years I’ve started a blog for most of my hobbies: web tutorials, book reviews, story writing, UI design…

I never liked WordPress or any other admin text editors. I love the idea of writing my post on my code editor (and then creating a static website - with next.js or something)

My aim is:

  • keep myself focused by writing.
  • write about all the above topics in the same blog.
  • for my ego, it would be cool if the blog gets crawled by search engines
  • It will be my ongoing web project by constantly updating the code.

If anyone visits the blog they will not like that they came to learn web design but can also read about 17th-century literature or whatever. But that’s why I don’t want to buy a domain or anything

I’m thinking if I invest my time on this, would after a period of time the url change or anything.

Netlify is just a company. Nobody can give any guarantees on what they will or won’t do in the future.

Just a domain really doesn’t cost that much. For about 20 dollars a year you should be done.

You can then configure Netlify to host the content on your own domain. That way, if Netlify ever decides to use different domain names or goes bankrupt or whatever, you still have your domain and can take your hosting needs somewhere else.

Hosting under your own domain is also free with Netlify.

I’m using this setup, and it works a charm. The only thing I pay for is the domain name once a year.


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