Using subdomains?

HI! I want to create a blog and I don’t know what to choose: a free subdomain or a domain? With the domain think is the problem I must pay for it all the time and I don’t know how good will be the hosting… and the other problem is I don’t know how good a subdomain can be for SEO. I brought the content of an old website of mine on Blogger a few months and even now it wasn’t indexed… :d

There are free domains or blog/site services that can be trust?

  1. Free services cannot be trusted.
  2. Go for a domain. They are under $10 a year mostly and web hosting is also under $1 a month these days at many places. Choose a host who is there for a long time in industry.

Good luck

What about google Blogger? Here I don’t know if the earnings from Adsense are split between them and the user…?? ,

Most free hosts prohibit you from making money from their services. If you want to make money via your blog then buy yourself a domain and hosting :slight_smile:

Use traditional domain name. Register domain name separately to your web hosting account. Consider domain name buying as investment.

why? I had domain names… the traffic was still poor and after a time when I tried to sell them nobody want them… so is the same thing as subdomains only paying money… :slight_smile: And maybe I have 100 ideas and want to make 100 sites… then how can buy 100 domains? this hosting/domain names commerce is not good for webdesingners!

All hosting companies are not so well. They offer cheap price for share hostings and after some days, they suspend domains and make force to purchase dedicated servers/ VPN causing high traffic on hosted site makes problem to open other sharing sites. It’s really painful for them who are new or just took the sharing host for 1 or 2 small sites.

Host Gator is best to me.

You can create subdomains with your purchased domain to create your separate websites.

You can always start with a free host and if it becomes popular, you can migrate to a purchased domain name.

I do not think that domain name registration is soo expensive these days. Register domain name and be patient. Do not risk

Be patient like 10 years or so… :slight_smile: Who can wait a time like that and what to earn by this stuff?? The ones that host the domains maybe…