Recommend A *Simple* and Inexpensive HTML Email Program?

Can anyone recommend a SIMPLE and inexpensive email program that I can use to send HTML emails? I tried out Vertical Response but their email program is not seamless and a little too confusing…

+1 for campaign monitor (and not paid a cent for saying so :wink: )

Have you considered ? I have not personally used it myself, but I have used their very helpful Resources section for tips on creating HTML emails, best practices, etc.

Another one I’ve come across (a newsletter I get uses it) is called Mad Mimi ( You can check out this comparison review chart of email marketing services. It includes Mad Mimi and Vertical Response on the list.

Must say I’m rather surprised Campaign Monitor isn’t on their list…

Thank you!

I’ve tried just about every email service provider over the past ten years or so and think icontact and constant contact are two of the easier, more reasonably priced services.

However, now that Mail Chimp came out with a totally free account for up to 500 subscribers, they’re my top pick now. Check out their site and fI think you’ll get a good idea how user friendly their service is.


P.S. Have to say I like the looks of Campaign Monitor too - but their pricing model can be a little more expensive for someone just starting out.

Just a guess, but probably because campaign monitor doesn’t have an affiliate program that would pay 'em anything for recommending them :smiley:

Thank you for the input, everyone! I’ve decided to go w/ Mad Mimi. It’s free.