Email Newsletters

Hi all,

Im not sure if this is the best place for this but here goes.

My company is using Mail Chimp for emailing Newsletters to subscribers but Mail Chimp does not like the the custom HTML template that I have made using MUSE Codename.

Does anyone have any advice on what is the best software to send out the newsletters?



MailChimp is pretty good, I gather, but I haven’t used it. I use CampaignMonitor, which lets you import your email template for sending. Not sure if MailChimp allows that, but I would have thought so. With CampaignMonitor, you can even build your template right withing their own template editor, which is very handy if code is not your thing. Other than that, I’d say that maybe MUSE is the problem, not producing code that is portable enough.

Thanks Ralph, that all makes sense now. I will have a look at CampaignMonitor.