Effective path for link building

I have been submitting my website and new pages as well as blogs to social book-marking sites. However, I have only about 20 of them and keep submitting over and over.

It is good for new sites but old sites are not very effective.

What is the best effective ways about building links for websites?

Any advice is appreciated.

First of all submitting again and again may harm your site also in SEO do not stay in one source or one methods there are lots of methods available and lots of sources available you need to just search the things.

It really matters for a site, no matter if it is new or old but having said would also like to say that it’s really necessary to build good link popularity for a site to boost traffic as well as ranking of it in the serp.


   Find more free social bookmarking web directories with high PR via search engines by using specific keyword.Instead of submitting in similar sites, use different resources to find different directories.No matter whether site is old or new.Page rank matters a lot.


This way is not so bad, blogs and book marking sites need frequent submission bcz those sites are updating daily and plenty of submissions. Also try to add in the directories and work with forums especially like sitepoint.
Note : Do not forget to keep the site updated with fresh and new content

Forum and Community Links:focus on finding both general category forums and narrowly-focused user communities that are relevant to our sites. Working with these communities, we build awareness of our websites in all relevant nice areas.

Hey try to form various link farm from various other ip site.Yeah it good to submit your site on high traffic bookmark site. But if you want to increase it SERP you have to farm a good back links from various other site.

Blog Commenting, Forum Posting and Link Exchange is the effective path for link building.


As per my view the best way for link building is link exchange and there are so many other ways like directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting etc. can also very helpful for link building.

There are already quite a few threads on this subject lying about.

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