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I want to build a blog for my site…I do not use any PHP platform…so I am looking a framewwork/plugin to do my job…handling pagination for example…or the posts…I do not know what else might be needed.

What parts a blog might be comprised of…I am a little in the dark here.

A framework is like a library that helps a developer, so that they can concentrate on getting the job done and not having to do the mundane things in PHP (write routines to save to database, maybe handling pagination for example). So if you don’t want to use any PHP Platform then you posted in the wrong category. Ruby on Rails is non-PHP.

Ok then…what platform do you recommend for creating a blog and and integrating that to a web app.

Let us start from here…

Are you actually wanting to build your own blog (for the learning experience or whatever), or you just want recommendations for some PHP-based blogging software?

go to this site,it is a.startup

There is the left vertical menu you will find a link to a blog…

This is what I want…I am building a web app(startup)…and I just want to add a blog in it…
I assume that If I go for a wordpress I will add much code complexity(since it is platform built for many things not just building a blog)…that is why I am asking for simpler php solutions out there. is developed using WordPress

I can’t comment on how other web apps deal with this, but I’d keep the blog/marketing site separate from the application. You could opt for something simpler than a full-blown WordPress install… even a static site generator or something like that, but to be honest as I’m familiar with how WP works so I’d probably just throw a copy of that on the server and be done with it.

I will go for a WP installation but there are some issues(just took a look at the installation instructions)…I will post in the appropriate forum.

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