Need advice in building my own blog website

Hello everyone Iam new in the field of webdeveloping with enough knowledge of php ,css, html so as to create a simple website now I am thinking to create my blog to start up but don’t know where to start means should I create it from scratch using php and all or use cms like wordpress or joomla.
Please help need your expert advice.

If you have enough knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS then you can start from scratch or you can go with First create simple template using Photoshop and upload it on Even there are several readymade templates available in Wordpress which you can buy and customize it as per your requirements.

thanks kevin for your advice i’ll go with wordpress .

I would highly recommend Wordpress. Especially as you develop your skills further you will find plenty of high quality plugins to help you!

WordPress, ExpressionsEngine or ModX are great blogging platforms.

WordPress is a great platfom and with great community and support so you may want to start with that one for that very reason.

Once done, you may want to experiment with something new.

Hi, everyone , I am runing a auto parts website, it is for auto brake booster ,brake caliper etc, I want to build a blog to promote my site ,how should I do?

Well, presumably you’ve read the suggestions above, which should have given you a basic answer. Do you have a more specific question?