Blocking Fraudulent Orders

On one of my websites I keep getting fraudulent orders. The name and address are bogus, so they are easy to spot, but I can’t figure out how I can set PayPal Pro to reject these orders. It looks like scammers are just trying to see if the credit cards work or not.

I have been blocking the IP addresses when the orders are attempted. As I was looking at the list of IP addresses, I noticed all of them start with 86.

I am not sure how IP addresses work. But would all IP addresses starting with 86 be in a certain country? IF it is, could I just block all IP addresses that start with 86?

That seems more like a problem with the software implementation. It wouldn’t make sense to approve orders which the credit card is bogus. If anything when someone submits payment information which can’t be processed a message should be shown to the user to correct the information before actually submitting the order.

I agree :agree:

I doubt PayPal would credit your PayPal account with anything if it finds the credit card number is ficticious as part of its checking routine during the payment process.

What sort of software are you using to take orders?

Some software has add-ons which can help stop fraudulent.

And regards to IP addressing you can ban a range doing something like this: 86...* but that would ban everyone with 86 at the start number in their IP address and that would ban a lot of people.

I am using Magento, and have PayPal Pro setup. Maybe I need to find something that plugs into Magento… Paypal actually does accept orders where the name is actually something like “adadad”. The only thing that looks like it means something is the ZIP code.

But besides PayPal accepting some transactions, I get dozens of rejected orders on my shopping cart. Which just become white noise, but pretty annoying…