Countries to not accept credit cards from?


We have used Netbilling for years for our transaction processing and call center. They do a great job. However, since they allow us to choose which countries to accept payments from along with a lot of other fraud tools, it can be a little daunting. They have a huge country list and have “high risk” countries blocked that they recommend but I do not want to miss out on potential good sales, nor do I want to incur more fraud.

Is there any updated fraud list out there of countries are extremely high risk and that I probably should not risk any sales from?

I appreciate any input.

Well the best part is to use the API’s which checks for proxy detection and IP checking so you will not become a victim of fraud … that’s the best practice so far.

I think you have better to contact your merchant service provider for an accurate answer.

I agree that it’s pretty bad to block specific countries from purchasing your goods with a wide net which would include even the legitimate customers, but that being said there does seem to be a trend where fraud seems to be rampant. Many processors block China and India specifically as they seem to be pretty bad, however I would say that you would be better off to simply allow anyone to make purchases and only consider blocking certain countries if fraud begins to occur regularly from those nations (there’s no reason to block everyone from the offset on the chance that fraud may occur). Every nation in the world has issues with fraud, you won’t be able to stop it entirely, but being careful and ensuring you take action whenever such events do occur will make the difference. :slight_smile: