Fraud orders

We are creating a free fraud database that anybody can search it by various criteria and find the frauds to confirm the received order is whether fraud or not and database info are submitted by users/companies who got paid frauds already. If you got a paid fraud and were forced to refund or chargeback please PM me the fraud data (including their password in md5 format) that we can enrich the database.

Helping us to enrich the data by providing your fraud orders data, you are helping yourself to reduce your fraud orders.

We appreciate your help.

I believe that is very good idea. But information regarding fraud offers constantly changing. But if there are some portions of fresh information that would be really great.

A company sharing data about its customers with third parties is a potentially very dangerous thing. If I were running a company, I’m not so sure I’d get involved with that. :slight_smile:

Fraudsters use many different fake credit card numbers and fake names.

I can see individual companies blocking IP’s of past fraud orders, but can’t foresee that companies would share much information about their client base with 3rd parties. By submitting to a public database they would be potentially exposing the number of times they are targeted by fraudsters, essentially saying “try here”

No, personal info such as name, company name, address and phone will not be added to DB and we don’t expect companies to provide us this info.
Only username, ip, password in md5 format, email on file and paypal email will be submitted, because frauds usually use the same username, password and email. However they can change it and this DB can’t secure you 100% but in more than 75% of cases I believe this would work. Also info of submitter will not be recorded so frauds won’t know who reported this.

If the CC is stolen the carder can use the actual card holder name. Then once card holder restore the card he will be still in those lists and will be enable to make online purchases.
I do not like this idea

It sounds like a great idea, but I believe it will require hiring many people to collect lots of reliable data for database. Will it work like a web based search form?

@SiberForum: only email. username, password and ip of frauder will be blacklisted and real card holder will have no problem when restores the card, however email and ip this does not seure 100%, but in more than 75% of cases it works as frauders usually use the same email and password and username.

@Hosting24: Yes, this is a free webbased search form by email, ip, username and password in md5 format. Anyone who can provide any fraud info with these items is welcome. Just PM me.

You can try contacting payment providers like 2co, they should have millions of records about fraudulent orders. However, I’m not sure if they are interested in sharing this info.

Just if some companies here would provide us the items mentioned in my previous post…

Not all web hosting providers use those resellers :wink: Most payment go through own merchants or paypal

Sure thing. But it will be impossible to collect fraud data from all payment gateways.

That`s really great idea , we are suffering from Frauds

Nice concept. I hope it works out well for you. Anything to reduce fraud or provide a warning for web hosts is a good thing :slight_smile: