Bevy of CF Applications

In my quest for a text editor/tool for Coldfusion cheaper the Dreamweaver CS4 and CF Builder I stumbled upon There are hundreds of coldfusion apps that will save you time and energy developing your own.

For Example, My boss wanted me to build a project tracking tool so she can be more aware of what we are working on and when we complete it. She had a ton of requirements including communications tools (messages/emails/comments), user assignment, calendar components, edit/copy/delete tasks, calendar events, file upload/download, etc…

I got lucky and found this Project Tracker tool which is very similar to Basecamp from 27 signals. It has almost the same features with the exception of the whiteboard. After an hour of setup and a 30 minute demo of the features , I look like a genius.

BlogCFC looks like a neat tool to.

Worth a look out there if you need apps to support your customers or coworker.

Blog - Have a look at Mango Blog as well. IMO a lot better than blogCFC because of things like the templating system.

BlogCFC updates are a nightmare to install, mainly because there is no separation of the HTML views from the actual blog code.

Bug Tracking - Not CF but if you get a chance it’s well worth having a look at Trac or JIRA.

We use Trac, integrated with Subversion, and the two together are a powerful combination. Has completely changed the way we work in here.

The icing on the cake is bringing ANT in and automating your deployments. Nothing more satisfying than hitting a “run” button to move all your latest updates onto production and then popping out for a coffee for 10 minutes :lol: