Advise on text editor

Hi guys and girls. I would like to ask for some advise on what text editor to use in a CF application I have to make. For a recent project I used the Rich Text Editor, but I found It somehow a bit clumsy and unpredictable in it’s output.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Personally I like TextMate…*but I here people around here like eclipse with the coldfusion bundle (or whatever it’s called).

Okay fair enough.

I have a last question about the Rich Text Editor though. Locally I can change or define a custom tool bar at (webroot/CFIDE/scripts/ajax/FCKEditor/fckconfig.js), but I don’t know how to get this accomplished on my server(Linux). I don’t have access to the Coldfusion Administrator and the server tech says that there is no such file (fckconfig.js) on my server, but when I use the Rich Text Editor it works fine, no matter if I use the Default or Basic toolbar.