CF MX 7. Lets get started!

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[B] Adobe Coldfusion [/B] - [URL=“”]MX 7 Feature List

Coldfusion MX 7: Documentation[LIST]
[] <CFDOCUMENT> Create flashpaper & PDF’s on the fly. Understands some html :wink:
] Editable data grids / cfgridupdate - Helps manage updates to flash based, editable data grids.
[][B] Encryption[/B] Enable integration with third-party security products thanks to new ColdFusion support for the Java security model
] Sitepoint blog on a good undocumented cf encryption method
[] Custom reporting using Coldfusion Report Builder. ([URL=“”]download)
[/LIST]<cfform format=“flash”> Resources [LIST]
]CFDevZone - cf flash form documentation
[] Rich text area for flash forms !
] good working examples
[*] Community MX article: Discovering flash forms (good)[/LIST][B] Books: [/B] [URL=“”] > [URL=“”]Coldfusion App. Dev. Kit on Amazon

Bloggers [LIST]
[]Forta blog
]Raymond Camden’s ColdFusion Blog
[*]Pete Freitag[/LIST]More Resources:
Coldfusion bookmarks on delicious

SMS text messaging!!! I smell a sweet business opportunity!

Do you have a link for the Dreamweaver extensions? I can’t seem to find them anywhere.


The good news is that they are already on your computer.

Login to the CF Admin panel and click the Resources link

Under “Additional Installers” is the link:
ColdFusion MX 7 Extensions for Dreamweaver MX 2004 »


i need to download free cf software and books, can somebody help

Go here to get the MX7 developer edition:

As for books, buying the forta book is probably your best move to get started. You can also pretty much use the documentation included with the MX7 install. They did a very good job on the doc’s. There is also a lot of sample apps / code that comes with the install and online on the macromedia exchange.

There is lots of tutorials at that will fill in the rest.

Macromedia’s Documentation is also a great place to start.


Macromedia announced today that the next updater for cf 7 will have:[size=-1]

Of course bug fixes,
a real mac osx installer as well as support for additional linux flavors, oracle AS and webSphere WASND
A cfcproxy allowing you to invoke your cfcs from java
and lots more.

Its code named [/size]Merrimack and is in beta now and due out anytime.

Also, by the way, something I dont think has been mentioned in these forums yet is the new Application.cfc that replaces application.cfm. It has LOADS of new features you can play with and opens up a lot of possibilites. Some of the methods you can have in your application.cfc are


You can also have other methods in your application.cfc. It is also worth noting that the onRequestEnd() replaces the onRequestEnd.cfm page in previous versions. Definately some things worth checking out.

thanks, i was looking for coldfusion flash forms tutorials.

Thanks!But there is also a lot of sample apps / code that comes with the install and online on the macromedia exchange.

Hmm… I would have never noticed. :lol:

The report builder software download link has moved to

Updated my link too.

I’m still frustrated that when coldfusion moved to a JAVA foundation, sending .html to the coldfusion parser stopped working (at least on IIS.) Boo.

Thats an interesting idea - I wonder if there is a workaround.

All I know is that after using both apache and IIS, especially on a shared hosting plan - I have to say apache wins by a landslide. Mod rewrite is all I can say … show me how to do a 303 redirect when you change the filenames from an html file to .cfm - oh you cant. Nuff said. Im making better platform choices from here on out.

Your post makes me wonder if the host could configure this. Although, I guess it would probably blow up some of their shared servers.

There are server extensions for iis that behave like modrewrite (Isapi Rewrite) - but you can pretty much forget about getting it installed on a shared host. I don’t know of any free ones either.

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