ColdFusion CMS

Is anyone out there using or has used a ColdFusion CMS? Looking for some honest reviews!

Oh cool, well in that case FarCry is a good call. Overall we’ve been really happy with it.

We actually had online training from Daemon at the start of it. Was a two day course over Adobe Connect. The tutorial we did though are on their wiki if you’d rather go that route.

Was good for an overview but to be honest because of the timescales of the project, learning the system and trying to get that all fitted up to the requirements we had to bring in a contractor ( lucky got an ex-employee of Daemon of all people) to come in and get the initial parts up and running.

Got a bit more training from him and we’re now up and running.

So bit of a learning curve there. Other cons I’d say are FarCry has some quircky stuff in it that can be a bit frustrating at times. Some bugs in really awkward places that we had to find workarounds for. Bug fixes are a regular thing though and there is an open bug reporting tool if anything does pop up.

Also they sell it to you as a “Web Application framework” I’d argue against that one. Front end form-based stuff I had a real problem with to the point that I gave up on the framework and wrote my own stuff to get it in. Not an issue for backend though ( see my original post )

If you’re looking at something for managing different levels of users, departments etc. in terms of Content though then FarCry is a really good choice.

Give us a shout if you need anymore help :wink:


Thanks for that :)! Particulary interested in the fact you’re using it for a university - as that’s the project I’m involved in at a the moment. Could I ask a few more questions? Have you just got the software straight from FarCry or are there any support packages around?

Yeap got first hand experience with FarCry CMS :wink: - which we use for our own site - That went live just this year and is now managed by a variety of people / departments through the University. We don’t do any content update work :smiley:

Also used it on a freelance job which was - Again the client has full control over all the content on the including all the imagery, trucks, even the animations.

It has some little squirks in it (open source, get what you pay for really) but the system is very powerful and has some great developer tools in it - formtools being the main one that springs to mind. Certainly one I’d recommend and it’s quite well established - currently on version 6.

Another one, I’ve not used myself though, is Mura. It gets a good rave up by the guys on Twitter and the team that developed it are quite active in the community. A lot of decent developer writing plugins for it as well. Again open source.

A few more out there but those are the main ones that spring to mind for me :wink: