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I am hosting on hostgator for more than 1 month, first month i have it free after that i have paid for 6 months, 60$ on Shared Servers, Baby Hosting. I must tell you, i don’t feel hosting my sites on a shared servers, i feel that i am hosting them on a vps or dedicated server, the maximum usage that i had was 7%, and in there policy it says a max of 25% proc and memory usage. And i am using 8 scripts of sitemap generator, 9 different cron jobs, i am hosting and I will remain hosted on hostgator for life. I am very satisfied with Hostgator

Hi, thanks for the review. Glad you’re happy with them.

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Sorry, for that, forgot to say that i am not affiliated or that i am not the hosting company, should i edit my first post?

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I am not the host and i am not affiliated with the host. Done :slight_smile:

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all depends on your needs and your website requirements, Hostgator is pretty expensive for me, I left them and signed up with , they have pretty nice features in a very tiny price. HG is very good in Reseller services. For shared websites and blogs , Shopaserver rocks all the way

What about the customer support of Hostgator? Please share your experience. Thanks

A company I used years ago, WebHost4Life | Web Hosting, Unix Hosting, E-Mail, Web Design, who I do not work for or affiliated with, is an awesome host that offers a lot of space, bandwidth, and features, including a lot of space for the DB. It’s funny that most people don’t know of it, but it is a diamond in the rough.

Happy to see a satisfied client. Do update us after next six months.

Well no doubt about hostgator, am using their services from last three years. Well i would love to say its best hosting company on this planet.

Hostgator support is good. Their customer care staff is working very fast.

Hostgator is ok - I’d also suggest shopping around as the hosting area has become quite competitive.

Nice to hear another good review. I’ve been thinking about opening an account with them for awhile now.

good to hear that , HG live chat support is great