Looking for VPS to host multiple sites (multiple IPs on multiple domains)

I am looking for a good host to get a VPS on which I will be hosting multiple sites with multiple IPs, with good support and whm. Knownhost was one I was looking into, anyone used them? I figure none of my sites that I will be hosting on the VPS will have a lot of traffic, and for the ones that will grow I will expand accordingly, but with that said, is there anything wrong with hosting multiple sites on one VPS as long as they each have their own IP address? I have had one VPS in the past but with a small provider and had trouble with the email server; even though I had 23 IPs with each siteo n a different IP I could only send/receive mail to one IP, which didn’t seem to make sense to me.

Are there certain features should I be looking for to make sure I get the above?

I have used them, and they are really excellent. I highly recommend them. Very quick to respond and always very professional.

is there anything wrong with hosting multiple sites on one VPS as long as they each have their own IP address?

You don’t need a separate IP address for each site. That’s massive overkill, unless you are collecting credit card details from each site. You can have as many sites as you like on a good VPS (I used to have lots on my account at KH) and you can have lots and lots of email addresses for each site with no problems whatsoever.

But, if I have different IP addresses for each domain (which is the way I plan to do it), will the IP address for each email server be different for each domain? I am pretty sure in the situation I had before where I had a VPS with 23 IPs but could not get email to send/receive on any IP address except one, which I am guessing was the VPS “main” ip, was a problem on their end. But maybe I am mistaken, if you have multiple IP addresses on a VPS are you supposed to be able to send/receive email on each IP address separately? or is there one “main” ip address for the VPS that can be the only one sending and receiving? It would seem to me that each IP address should have equal capabilities, but as I said, was not the case on my last VPS.

Yes, certainly, I had sever IPs with KH and each received its own emails. Though I’m not sure to what extend the IP address was really involved in this process.

I’ve read many good reviews of them. I think they recently expanded into the west coast, so you could spread your hosting over their different locations if you want to have some redundancy.