Best Site to Buy Domain Name using PayPal

I want to buy Domain Names , but i can pay through paypal only .
So the question is which sites accept paypal ? and what is the best option among them ?

One site I know is GoDaddy others you tell .
Thanx in advance .

One more question is offering 1GB free website with every domain name .
On other hand there 1 GB hosting servicce is priced at (Annual Payment - Only $59.40 / Year)
Now can anyone explain this ? and accept Paypal.

The Registerfly “free” website: “Get a FREE 1GB web site with NO ad banners. Perfect beginners web site, easy to use and setup. WYSIWYG Site tools, NO HTML experience required.” Sounds like it’s a beginners site with limited very capabilities and using a template system. No HTML, no php etc.

How can you have a web hosting account with no HTML? also accepts paypal.
So far though, I’ve really only used paypal with godaddy. I’ve used my credit card with stargate a couple of times, but never had a chance to use paypal with them yet. accepts paypal accepts PayPal as does who I thought were very cheap at $8.10!

namecheap accepts paypal. - WWD domain reseller - Accepts PayPal. will be your best bet. Enter coupon EVENLOWER to get a reduced price.

I wonder how one can rate a registrar using paypal availability criteria? The only question is whether a site accepts paypal or not, but which of those supporting paypal is best may be figured out by some other criteria.
As far as I know main registrars accept paypal now, as well as major credit cards.