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Hi Guys,
I want to make Website on Wordpress.
Anyone tell me which hosting will better for me for long term with Quick, fast and safe server?
I will deliver Millions of traffic on my site it will never down. Kindly suggest me best hosting with good suitable packages.
Actually one problem is that i dont have paypal. I only have Payoneer account. Kindly suggest me best hosting how Support only Payoneer Money transfer System.

At the end of the day, only you can decide which hosting is best for you. You’re the only one who has the full information on which to base that decision.

There is a SitePoint guide to choosing a hosting company, which should be very helpful.

This file is not opening …

I am just getting best suggestions about best hosting.I dont have time to read lot of things to find best hosting so that’s reason i posted in this site and asking for suggestions for good hosting websites who support only payoneer money transfer.

It works OK for me. Try it from here:

FiveStepstoFindaGreatHost.pdf (126.8 KB)

“Best” depends on your requirements, and as I said, only you know those. Where is your target audience? What bandwidth / disc space are you likely to need? What is your budget? Do you want shared hosting? VPS? Do you have any other special requirements?

I’m not trying to be unhelpful, I’m simply pointing out that nobody can answer that question for you.

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My Audience will more than 1 million per weekly.
I need bandwidth who control my all traffic.
I need much space to upload articles.
I have more than 1500$ budget.
I dont want shared hosting.

Just google it, there are lot of options available for good website hosting companies but check the customer reviews also.

Take a look at Premium Technologies in the UK:


—> They accept Payoneer & have cloud/dedicated server plans that will support your level of traffic.

there are a lot of brand hosting service . why don you pick one. if you claim 1 million /week traffic. try VPS or Dedicated server.

A VPS would be the best way to go, like DO, Linode, the best thing about it is the dedicated resources you’ll need to cater one million visits per week.

At the end of the day I think “1 million visitors” is not enough information to say anything useful about what kind of hosting is needed.

Will the website be dynamic or static? Static needs a lot less resources than dynamic. If it’s dynamic, what kind of database would you need? How would you do caching? Etc, etc.

As usual: it all depends :slight_smile:


If you want a fast website, then don’t use WordPress, code it in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP (or some other server-side language). There are too many overheads with WP.

Millions of traffic sounds like a figure plucked out of thin air (or wishful thinking). Where does that figure come from?