Best place to sell domains?

Just curious, where’s the best place to sell domains and get top dollar?
Would that be an auction type thing, or just accepting bids?

I have a couple I might want to sell if I can find a good avenue to do so.

I know that is 3 month old thread but it has been bumbed already.
I can add:
domaininvest and
domainstate forums.

Godaddy auction is also good.

I used GoDaddy marketplace and SEDO with a great success

OK, I’ve heard of GoDaddy…but what is SEDO? - “the world’s leading domain marketplace” - branched out from SPF itself; you can sell domains and sites there. Never done it myself though, do I cannot comment on the results.

It’s more than easy to find out. Here are step by step instructions.

  1. Launch your browser.

  2. Go to or look for searchbox in your browser window (depends on browser).

  3. Use your keyboard to type word SEDO (you can also type sedo, it makes no difference for search engines).

  4. Click Enter button or click submit button with your mouse.

  5. Wait a second while search results are loaded.

  6. Click first link in search engine results.

  7. Wait a second while new page gets loaded.

It was very difficult and time consuming task, but you made it! Congrats!

are good service for try to sell your domain, but I suggest you if your domain has traffic, try to sell it directly, so you don’t need to pay fee to others :wink:



I was asked what sedo is. If asking person couldn’t figure this out himself, I alwaus try to be helpful and send a very detailed instructions to help.


…and also some web boards like e.g.

domain news forums.

I would recommend Sedo or Afternic, both will give you a good idea of what your domain is worth. the only thing is to ensure you publicize it properly-- otherwise it could just sit there.

I personally prefer Sedo. You can also sell your domains at Bido, Flippa and Afternic.

I think SEDO would be right choice for it!

try sedo and flippa

Yes, sedo is best amongst all but you can also try for afternic and namepros

My favorite site to sell domain names is Flippa! Very active website and they are one of the most known market place to sell sites/ domains and others things like that but there are fees…

Sedo, afternic, dnforum and namepros are the best to sell the domains…

As far as I know if you are selling domain name on SEDO you can’t sell them somewhere else.Double check that to make sure