Dont Know How to Sell

Firstly,i appreciate for those who read my post here. Thanks you

I’m new here. But here,i want to mention one things. I have a lot of domain name which i want to sell it. But i don’t know how. the domains are :


can you all give me a guide to sell this domain names? thanks you for reading my first post…

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sedo is one of the most popular sites for your purposes, try it

You can follow any of the link above :slight_smile:
You MUST transact deal through only for safety and security.

Good luck.

Also namepros and domainnews forums should be added here. They are believed 2 the biggest places for the domain name market.

lots of websites are available on the internet where you can advertise to sell your domain. Just search in google sell domain and pick any top 5

your theme of domains??

Good answer. I will try. Thank you

Post them in sites for sale plaster a site on them see how much those domains are going to get for you.