Domain names selling

I have different domain names that I might want to sell. Do you know if they are worth it and what price can I hope for these… and where I can sale them ?


You will be able to get more information about how much your domains are worth across a few forums and auction sites for domains. Flippa and namepros come to mind. Some people are good with making the domain trade a paying hobby and others can’t seem to give away their domains. Look into those two names and you should be able to find some help from those spots.

thanks. FLippa seem to be only full working website, but Namepros i will try there.

Anybody knows if Godaddy or Sedo are good ones, or maybe not good places to sell domains ?

If you have good key worded domain names, then you should send out end user emails. by this way people will come to know that you wish to sale domains.

sedo for high price domain and Godaddy for low price domain. I think Godaddy takes 30% commission.

you could also try the market place at different webmaster forums.

any urls ?

There are many. Some of the most useful forums are here:


A domain is really only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
The pricing on domains are very subjective now a days.

I have found namepros and other forums are good for selling low quality domains. plenty of people with small budgets on such forums.

flippa and sedo are better for good quality domains.

its really tough to determine the cost of a domain name due to the fact that someone could get an exact same name with a slight variation unless you have 3 digit or 4 digit .com then you have something special.

For example i saw a guy on godaddy trying to sell for 10,000$ and the plural of that name was available. I like site worth dot com.