Which is Best place to sell your Domains

[COLOR=“Blue”]Hi Guys!

I just want to serious help from you experts. I loosed my money in Daily trading(share market). which I earn online from Link Building and seo stuffs.

Now I again in zero point and want to be serious again. I have no option now to sell my old website and domains.

My Questions are:-

Q1. Which is Best place to sell MY domains or website?
I know two name sedo and flippa. Which you rate 5* and your experience?

Q2. Mostly what people want? (I mean buyer) Blank Domain or website?
I am in doubts I have no of domains. most of are parked blank. Bcz, I think buyer can put any think on that. according to his choice.

But my one friends told me, no you need to put something contents on it. So, please, guys tell me which is right way to sell my domains in right value,

I have good domains but no traffic.

So,please, guide me…and help me.

Please, this thread can change many of other new guys life. so serious adviser need to be post…

Thanks in advance…[/COLOR]